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SFNP - San Francisco Apartments dot Net

Welcome to SF-Apts.net
Emma and Gracie are helping Jeffrey to list our available rentals.
email: Rent8B@SF-Apts.net
Call Jeffrey at 415-994-2562   (On National DNC Registry!)

Currently Available Properties

This section lists all of my properties.
You may check each property to see if you might be interested in a unit in the future.

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Haight Street Studios
Description and Photos
Twelve luxury studios on Haight Street near Divisadero Street
There are no available units at this time.

Rausch Street Flats
Description and Photos
Two flats, floor-through, about 1400 SqFt, SoMa
There are no available units at this time.

Salisbury Mills House
New York State
Cozy house in Cornwall, NY on 15 acres of woods and stream

This property is available! Please contact me directly.


Recycling News

This section is new today, 2008/07/31, and I hope it won't last forever.

Posted here is are the current issues of the SF Recycling Newsletter.

Previous issues of the newsletter are available at http://SFRecycling.com/residential/news.php?t=r
The most recent issue posted here is July-September 2007.
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SF Recycling Newsletter July - Sept 2008 20080731 SFRecycling2008Q3v8.pdf
Unknow Mfr Green 1 gallon Recycler 20080819
Tulip Corp Blue 6 gallon Recycler 20080819

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The links in this section may or may not point to the correct object. Don't bother to inform the page owner of broken links in this section. The links, when ready, will be moved to the appropriate location.
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Haight Street Studios Description, Photos  
Leyton Court House Description, Photos  
Post Street Apartments Description, Photos  
Rausch Street Rental Description and Photos  
Salisbury Mills House Description, Photos  
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