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Salisbury Mills House Description and Photos


Sylvan 1BR House
1hr from NYC
Garden, Creek, Workshop

Cross-country ski,
Fish, Garden, Hike,
Paint, Read, Swim, ...

Jeffrey is the owner

The house has a large bedroom, sleeping porch, dining room, and utility porch.
It is situated on 14 acres of beautiful countryside, bordering the Moodna Creek. The entire area and mountain to the South are a part of a wild land trust. The property is located on the South side of Orrs Mills Road and is bounded on the East by the spectacular railroad trestle. (See photo below.)
The house is set back 300 feet from the road, behind a lilac hedge so it is very, very private. I've eaten rainbow trout from the creek.
About 100 feet from the road, on a paved driveway, is a very large garage, storage shed, and insulated workshop. If you like a place to tinker, let me know, and I can make the power tools available...
The house is bit over one hour from NYC along the beautiful Palisades Parkway. The world famous Storm King Art Center is a few minutes down the road.
There is a modern oil burner for heat. For the very rustic and frugal there is a very efficient Morso Danish wood stove. Properly stoked, the wood stove will go for 36 hours without attention. There is ample downed wood to heat for the next century. Ah, and very important -- the doors of the stove open to make a very cozy fireplace. Warning! It is romantic but it can get very cozy!
Available Now. Rent is $1,100 per month.
  • email Jeffrey8@Trestle8.info
  • Call Jeffrey at 415-994-2562   (On National DNC Registry!)


    Rental Unit Photographs and Diagrams

    You can see all the photos I have (thumbnails and full size) here: All Trestle Nook Photos

    I'm still working on photographs. Please be patient!
    There are some text layouts of the property, the house, and the garage.
    The .TXT diagrams are very primitive ASCII text files.
    Please let me know if they are too ugly.
    You MUST use a fixed font to display these diagrams.
    You also need some imagination here. ):
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    The North Side of the House in Winter 20021206
    East View Out of the Bathtub/Shower Window 20021206
    View of Trestle Just East of House 20020917 0193 0735.0512
    Property Overall Area Layout Diagram 20020920
    Garage and Workshop Area Layout Diagram 20020920
    House Area Layout Diagram 20020920
    Local, Hand-drawn Map from 1984 20020920


    The Vegetable Garden

    At the present time the vegetable garden, about 20 feet by 40 feet, is overgrown. But, it once yielded the best corn, radishes, sugar snap peas, green beans, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, zucchini, and lots more.
    The asparagus patch is still going strong all by itself. You just need to be there at the right time in the spring to pick them young and tender, and eat them on the spot. You'll never buy better tasting asparagus!
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    History and Assorted Tirades

    This section contains some background information which might help you make up our mind. It might seriously dissuade you, too.
    This is a chronological discussion with the most recent note first.

    2007/04/24 -- Back on the rental market. Call me.

    ... More to come when I get some time ...

    2002/09/18 -- Wow! So many responses in one day!

    Craig's List rocks, as the youth of today might say.
    So, to answer some of the very fine questions raised by those who responded (Is there a noun to describe such a person?) here are, in no particular order, the answers to the questions.
  • There is a fine shower, in the full-size tub, fed by a deep well pump and a 40 (or 50?) gallon new hot water heater. (You pay the fuel, you have long, hot showers while staring idly into the woods looking for deer.)
  • There are two telephone lines to both the house and the garage. One former tenant used the second phone line for a high-end security system. The system is still there, but the service, I suspect, is not active.
  • There is a cable television line from the road to the house. (This is also an interesting story...)
  • The wood stove is also a fireplace. I often fell asleep on the couch, mesmerized by the embers... I also had some nice romantic moments there, but that was then...
  • The garage and workshop is about 20 feet by 40 feet. You can get three cars in there. I have some personal stuff stored there. By moving stuff around you could have a sizeable clear area to work.

    Here are the driving directions from New York City.

    Public Transportation is Not Your Best Option

    If you don't have a car, life could be inconvenient. It's about six miles to serious shopping in Vails Gate. An 80 year old woman, somewhat eccentric, lived next door for several years without a car. She went shopping with some aid to the elderly bus service and occasional help from neighbors.
    There is Metro North commuter service to Hoboken. The Salisbury Mills station is at the North end of the trestle at Route 94. The station is about a half mile from the house, but that's through the woods. By road, it's about 1.5 miles. There's a big parking lot for park and ride. A bicycle would work except in winter. In winter, you can see the trains while taking a shower. From Hoboken you take the PATH to Manhattan. It's a long trip -- about two hours. I did it a few times. Someday, but not soon, they will route the train across the Hudson River and down to Grand Central Station. That will be fabulous!
    There is excellent bus service from Newburgh to the Port Authority bus terminal on 8th Avenue and 40th Street. The bus also runs down Route 32 -- about 3 miles from the house. The trip is about 1.5 hours. However, without a car, it's hard to get to and from the bus. On rare occasions, when I'd left my car in the country, I'd take the bus to Vails Gate and then take a taxi.

    2002/10/04 thru 2002/11/15 -- Listed house with Lori Mason

    2002/09/17 -- First public listing on Craig's List.

    I've used Craig's List to successfully rent apartments in San Francisco for a few years. Craig's List is definitely the first place to go! Here's some background:

    2002/09/17 -- This property may NOT be for you!

    2002/08/01 -- Listed house with Spinnaker Management

    1996 December -- I'm recruited to move to San Francisco!

    1973 through 1996 --- Like you really care? Duh!

    Before July, 1973


    Legal and Other Landlord - Tenant Issues

    This section contains the rules by which I expect to conduct business. In San Francisco, where I now live, I must follow very strict rules. If I don't, as a landlord, I'm history.
    Since, in Orange County, New York, there are no rent control laws like New York City or San Francisco, I tried to be a bit more relaxed regarding this house. Not a good idea. I permitted a tenant to get way far behind in rent and, guess what, he abused my trust and I had to get a laywer and ... Well, you've got the idea.
    We are not going to do that again. Period. So, to make sure we are on the same page, I'm setting forth the terms and conditions right up front.
      A formal application to rent is required. I have the form and can FAX it to you. There is an application fee of $30 which covers the processing of the form, as described below. I will only send the form, and take the processing fee from folks who are genuinely interested. This has worked very well in San Francisco to eliminate problems up front.
      I only accept one application at a time. It takes about half a day to get the application processed. Here is what happens:
      1. I send the application to a processing service.
      2. The service does a complete credit check.
      3. The service checks for unlawful detainer, e.g., evictions.
      4. The service checks for bad check history.
    1. I personally verify your references including:
      • Current employment
      • Personal references
      • Previous landlords
    2. Assuming everthing is OK order, we sign a standard lease which
      1. You sign a standard lease which summarizes all these terms.
      2. You get the signature notarized.
      3. You send or FAX me the signed and notarized document.
      4. You send a check or deposit funds for the security, first month's rent or pro-rated current month's rent.
      5. You get the keys from me (in SF) or my representative in NY.
      6. You move in and enjoy the house!
      While all of the above sounds complicated and time-consuming, it's really not. I've got things done in one day here in San Francisco.

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