SALG - Trestle Nook Photos

RENOV - Renovations Jan 2008 Eric Mason

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Garage Workshop South Facing East
Garage Rear South Facing South
Garage Rear South Facing SouthEast
Garage Rear Center Facing East
Garage Rear Center Facing SouthEast
Garage Rear Outside Facing NorthWest
House Walkway Steps Facing SouthSouthEast
Front Porch Inside Facing North
Kitchen Sink Facing SouthEast
Kitchen Stove Facing NorthEast
Bedroom Facing NorthEast
Bathroom Shower, Sink Facing SouthEast
Bathroom Shower Window Facing East
Kitchen Porch Facing SouthEast
Living Room Inside Facing North
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ORIG - Original 1002 and 2003 Photos

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The North Side of the House in Winter
East View Out of the Bathtub/Shower Window
View of Trestle Just East of House

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