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PJAK - Jeffrey Katz Personal Dating Profile

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The Latest News and Views


Too much energy to update all these various places. I'll just put it all here and point to it.


I've been suckered into dancing in the Bayshore Lyric Opera's upcoming production of Die Fledermaus. Don't Ask!


A few months ago I'd never have dreamed to narrate this sort of stuff. My inspiration is from ... well, perhaps I should ask before publishing that source. I joined this Salsa activity group list from which I get much email. (It borders on spam! <grin >) What I learned was that there might be some interest in life narrative. So, rather than explain what's happening in phone calls or individual emails I'll just post the latest right here.


Well, the Bayshore Lyric Opera finally has the performance listed on their web site: Bayshore Lyric Opera. Opening night is Saturday, March 9, 2002 at 8:00 P.M. in Capitola.


I still have a flat to rent. Some prospective tenants offered to "Flash-enable" my web site. My response was that I'd flash them to Mars. IMNSHO (In my not so humble opinion.) Flash Sucks. Let me qualify that: My site is about content and information. Naturally, I'd like it to be attractive and appealing; but, I don't assume everyone's got a screaming 1.2 GHz PC. I don't! Yeah, I know Moore's law: Everything gets faster by 2X.


We opened Saturday evening to a sold out house! Today was a matinee performance. I've uploaded a few photoes to my web site for quick reference. Here is the link to my photos of the Bay Shore Lyric Opera production of Die Fledermaus: Jeffrey's photos


Whew! I can still walk! I probably shouldn't have done it, but it was just too much fun. I went skiing at Lake Tahoe with a good friend. Last time was in 1999. All the guilt messages said I shouldn't go skiing when I had to dance the next weekend. But I went, and we had a fabulous time. Great snow. Wonderful weather. No injuries! When I rushed out Friday morning I left my camera. The view of Lake Tahoe from the top of the mountain is really spectacular. I offered to take another skier's photo with his camera and asked him to take mine. He did, and sent me the image. The cropped version is in my photos section. For those who like the scenery more than my face, the original image is here.


A year later and some serious skiing. And a dislocated shoulder. Well, that ends the spring ski season!


A few months of physical therapy and I'm almost as good as new. (I did say almost!)

Introduction and Overview

OK, So why did I make this page?
I'm just too confused by all the online dating/relationship/activity, etc., pages. I like to dance, so I'm registered in a bunch of Salsa sites. I've tried a few dating sites. Now, I'm back in the "market" and see that my profile is a bit out of date. I'm direct and honest so any out-of-date information bothers me. But, the time required to keep everything up-to-date is absurd. So, this page is my "official" personal status page.
This afternoon (2002/01/20) I tried to put up an advertisememt on one of the singles sites. They said I had a limit of 150 words. Wow, that's a lot of words! So, I looked at my first profile with Match.Com, did some editting, and came up with this.

Ok, what about you?


Let's make this a real diary. Why not? Who cares? I don't know. Seems like fun!

My Personal Profile

OK, This is a quick collection of words, phrases, one-liners, etc. which say something about me.

Photographs and Other Graphic Mischief

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Help! Anyone know how to fix the eyes in the cats photo?

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