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DANF - Jeffrey's (AKA DanceCat) Photographs Collection


I created this page to post dance-related photographs.

I didn't want to include photos in my dance home page for many reasons.

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Click here for more notes and photo credits

Miscellaneous Photographs

Click for Large Photo Description
Black and White Ball with Carol 20080531
Folk Dancing at Mike and Louise 2003 Aug
Jeffrey Pam Vitaly Revel - Die Fledermaus 20020310

Blog, Notes, and Photo Credits


I started this page to share some nice dance photographs.
I want to thank DebbieM who sent me the photo from the Black and White Ball. We danced a few times.

2008/05/31 Black and White Ball with Carol by Debbie's cell phone.
Debbie's blog at http://northerncalupdates.blogspot.com/

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