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email: J9B25V@J55.us

Welcome to the Customer
<<<=== From Heaven or From Hell ===>>>
Sisters Gracie and Emma used to
help me to solve problems.
Alas, Emma died in 2005, and Gracie in 2007.

email: J9B25H@J55.us


P u r g a t o r y

What YOU do will determine whether you remain in Purgatory Go directly to Hell Or go to Heaven
Three eBay vendors -- One is in Heaven, One is in Hell, and the other is in Purgatory.

You should be able to determine which vendor is in which state!
If you have experience with any of these vendors then please email me.
If you are in other than Heaven it is up to you to contact me regarding the problem.
If you are an eBay vendor you MUST use eBay email to contact me. Vendors who avoid the eBay email will be persecuted.
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Ebay Vendors in Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell  

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